What is the UCSRN?

The University College Student Representatives Netherlands is a national platform for University College students. The organization is a collective of – at this moment – nine Study Associations of University Colleges in the Netherlands (AUC, LUC, UCM, UCU, EUC, UCT, UCR, TUC and UCG). The main aim of the organization is to promote academic and social interactions between the different UCs, as well as to represent all UC students on a national level.

The organization has an Executive Board which is mainly occupied with formalizing the organization into a registered Association. When the organization becomes an official Association, the focus will shift toward representing UC students on a national level.

The Social Committee and Academic Committee are there to facilitate academic and social interactions between the different UCs. The first main task of these committees is creating a platform to share knowledge for all UC's. Next to this, they organize events for all students involved in UCSRN. The Social Committee for example organizes a UCSRN tournament each year in which all UC’s compete against each other in among others sports and arts. 

All information on the UCSRN can be found on their website: https://ucsrn.nl

UCSRN documents including the event proposal form for UCSRN events can be found here: https://ucsrn.nl/documents/

UCSRN newsletters:

April 2018

March 2018

February 2018

January 2018

Older newsletter can also be found on the UCSRN website.

UCSRN Social Committee 2017/2018
UCSRN Academic Committee 2017/2018

Current UCSRN Representatives for UCG:

Social Representative 2022/2023: Giorgia Beiso

Academic Representative 2022/2023: Siebren Kuitert

Former UCSRN Representatives for UCG:

Social Representative 2019/2020: Sara Rommes

Academic Representative 2019/2020: Kaja Warnke

Social Representative 2017/2018: Marit Visserman

Academic Representative 2017/2018: Freya Quist

Social Representative 2016/2017: Roos van der Reijden

Academic Representative 2016/2017: Annelie Daglish

Social Representative 2020/2021: Eva Douglas

Academic Representative 2020/2021: Julius Westerhoff & John Nagler

Social Representative 2021/2022: Shan Wouters