Aeolus Logo 2023

Craving an escape? Caerus has your back! Join us as we take you on our amazing trips to extraordinary destinations and unforgettable experiences. Picture this: A grand expedition to a mesmerizing city, a festive day trip to Germany's Christmas Fair, or perhaps a thrilling Ski Trip for the adventurous souls. We as Aeolus have the perfect journey for every traveler.

What makes our trips extraordinary? It's the shared experiences with your beloved Caerus friends.
Make new friendships, create lasting memories, and the joy of exploring together.

Curious about our next trips? look at the Caerus planning on the website for our future plans.
Do you have questions or a specific trip in mind? We're listening! Approach any of our committee members for a chat. We're not just organizers; we're fellow travel enthusiasts ready to make your journey with Caerus unforgettable.
Pack your bags, embrace the unknown, and let us be your guide to fulfilling adventures. We look forward to seeing you on our next trip!

Hugs and kisses,

Your Aeolus team

Committee Members:

Ever Maggiotto & Fionn Hurley (Chair+Secretary)

Julian Moolenburgh (Treasurer)

Matea Antolic (Public Relation Officer)

John Ellwood (Content Creator)

Froukje de Wolff

Florian Dumas

Pia Van den Ende Solis


Committee Member 2023/24