Are you looking to stay fit and active but also want to do this with your friends of UCG? Are you bored of your current fitness regime and are looking for something more exciting?

Here at UCGO, we aim to get students together in between our busy student life to play sports in a fun and friendly manner. Whether that is through traditional team sports such as a game of football or through something more exciting such as the UCG laser tag competition. We aim to create an even closer community here at UCG, for people who love to move, work as a team and have a laugh with friends. We realize the importance of sport - essential for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Join us at our events to develop your sporting abilities and your social circle!

Our ideas for events are extensive and flexible. We are open to any suggestions for upcoming events.

Committee Members:

Chair: Tatum Julius

Secretary: Nynke Rinket

PR: Hanna Maouche

Treasurer: Jildou ter Laak

External Affairs Officer:  Marit de Moel

Team caretaker: ​​​​​​​ Elliot Hammond (Football), Josephine Berghorn (Volleyball)

General member: Luzie Raysz


instagram: ucgocaerus 

Members 23/24