If they forget their whistles at events, rules are broken. UCGO is the sports committee of Caerus. You can spot them at their events with their blue sweaters and colored whistles. Are you in for some fun activities? UCGO! is there for you to keep you moving in between studying. There will be bigger events such as trampoline jumping and waterskiing, but also small football and volleyball tournaments will be organized. Or to release some stress before exams, the yoga room will be opened and yoga before an exam will make you relax. If you have any suggestions, or you are amazing with a specific sport, don't hesitate to contact them and organize these amazing events together!


Committee Members:

Chair: Hilde Bos (h.bos.13@student.rug.nl)

Treasurer: Saar Lichtenberg-Cloo

Secretary: Kelly Potasse

Media Manager: Frances Payne

External Affairs Officer: Irene Boven

Yoram Sennekool

Tim Driessen