NOLAS - Network of Liberal Arts and Sciences

A network for active students, called NOLAS, was formed during the academic year of 2019-2020. Nolas stands for Network of Liberal Arts and Sciences. This network consists of the Student Assessor (SA), Faculty Council (FC), Programme Committee (PC), Sexual Wellness Education Initiative (SWEI), the Head Student Mentor and the Caerus Board.

The three aspects that the Nolas network has helped with so far are the following: internal communication, representation, stability and visibility. Find a more detailed description of those aims here:

Internal communication: Since all the active bodies are working on their own tasks, the bodies themselves might not know what the other bodies are working on or what else is happening at UCG. Nolas offers a way to efficiently communicate everything that is going on to all the different bodies.

Representation: Nolas brings together opinions of students from all the different active bodies and from UCG students. That way, Nolas can represent what UCG students really want. Nolas has regular meetings to exchange information, updates and suggestions which can then be taken to the Faculty (Board).  This provides a strong and well-represented opinion than that of just one of the bodies.

Stability and visibility: Nolas helps to position active students as one solid body, rather than having active students dispersed in all the different bodies. Most UCG students won't be aware of what difference there is between the Faculty Board and Faculty Council, for example. The Caerus Board members frequently get questions about stuff that should actually go to other bodies. Nolas is one place students can come to with ideas, questions, concerns, or any other input which would lower the bar for UCG students to give their input.

More information and collaboration is coming and if you have any questions or are particularly interested in what NOLAS does, contact our UCSRN rep: Giorgia at