Questions about Committes

Event proposal procedure (idea, form, approval, organisation, feedback, number of people & where is it happening, deadlines) 

When you want to organise an event, there are several steps you need to take. Make sure you read through this carefully! 

1) It always starts with coming up with an event. Choose something that everyone is enthusiastic about organising. Make sure you discuss everything with your committee and that everyone is aware of their jobs. 

2) Choose a location. UCG is always a possibility but Caerus has a lot of external partners that offer reductions. Maybe an end-of-the-year party at Cantina Mexicana, or book exchange at Lust, or maybe bike shopping guidance with the first year at the Ganze? Check out the discounts at the Caerus website and think of collaborations. 

3) Date: When choosing a date for your event, you should consider the following: your event should not clash with another event or be close to another one in the same week, consider exam periods, busy weeks, etc. 

4) Fill out the event request form at least 1 week before the event takes place, for bigger events even earlier. In this form, you also need to upload your promotion poster. If you wish the board to print your poster, you can indicate that in the event request form, so that you do not have to do it from your own budget. When the treasurer approves the budget and the CAOs approve the event and the poster, they will add it to the Caerus calendar so that it appears

 5) Promote! use Caerus’ social media to promote your event to other Caerus members.

 6) Once the event is over, fill out the event evaluation 

Cross-Committee Events 

It is always possible (and very much encouraged) to organise events with other committees. Especially the smaller committees can profit from collaboration. Think outside of your bubble and try to include other committees in your events, as Caerus is all about connections and community :) Keep this in mind, and feel free to approach your fellow committees/the CAOs with any ideas!

Caerus Events for non-Caerus members 

It is very important that you make a price distinction between Caerus members and external people (not part of the association) at your events. Externals have to pay more, depending on the event and its price for Caerus members. We need to make sure that this is enforced, feel free to approach us with further questions! You can also make events exclusively for Caerus members, which is also an extra motivation to get the membership. 

Committees (committees vs teams, “action groups”, what really are committees)

The difference between a committee and a team relies basically on the number of events that each group organises. Additionally, a team is a group that can be formed for a particular purpose or occasion, without going through all the formalities of becoming a committee, considering that there is no need to have hundreds of them. Teams are also very useful when it comes to organising large events. Being a team comes with its advantages since you are quite free to manage yourself in the way you prefer.

On the other hand, committees are established groups of people from which we CAOs expect at least one (small) event per block. Additionally, we expect you to attend GAs, have regular meetings, and stick to the guidelines of the “Committee's Handbook” which can be found here.