Questions about Transition Document

What is a transition document?

A transition document is basically a recipe for your accessor that will fill in your position in the upcoming year. It covers all of the necessary knowledge to be a successful committee member, a certain position in a committee, or a position in the board. It is supposed to make life easier for the person that is following you. In this way, you can keep efficient working methods in place and make sure the transition runs smoothly.

Why make one?

Just like in any organisation, it is useful to have certain regulations in place that make sure the whole association runs smoothly. Having this foundation means there can be high quality events and collaborations organised. Most importantly, the transitions run a lot more smoothly if these documents are in place and it makes the working environment of Caerus much more pleasant. 

Who are transition documents for?

Transition documents are basically for any important person or body within Caerus. Documents can and must be set up for a committee in general, as well as for important positions within committees, usually the chair (and sometimes the secretary, depending on how much the secretary has to do). Furthermore, transition documents are set up for the board as a whole and for each position separately. These documents tend to be a bit more lengthy. They are also set up for teams like the mindfulness team and the UCSRN team. 

Content + template

Since there are super different tasks for every position, each transition document will look quite different. Nonetheless, every transition document must include a general description of the position (for example definition + goals and vision), a year planning, an overview of responsibilities and important documents. Furthermore, there must be a section with general tips and tricks for the position, which can also be given throughout the document. Here is a template of what the “basic skeleton” of the document should look like:


Description of position:

In a nutshell, the CAO position boils down to:

  • Enabling communication amongst committees, as well as between the committees and the board; 

  • Bringing out the best of Caerus’ committees by listening, supporting and mediating;

  • Managing all processes surrounding event planning and administration;

  • Representing the committees in the Caerus board;

  • Representing Caerus/UCG in the national student representative body for University College students: University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands (UCSRN). 

Year planning (for Secretary of the board):

Overview of responsibilities (for Secretary of the board):

Important documents (for Chair of the board):

Tips and Tricks

  • Update the document throughout the year if anything was missing or if something changes

  • If you’re lost, use the document!! You often tend to forget about it but there is actually a lot of information in there :)

  • Be as specific as possible!