Who are we?



Caerus is the study association of the University College Groningen and its students of Liberal Arts and Sciences. We are the heart of student engagement and social activities at UCG and aim to provide plenty of fun events for our students throughout their time here. Our study association is at the center of the university community and is a great way to connect with people through social and academic events. 



As a member of Caerus, you can sign up to join events that Caerus organizes, such as trips abroad, parties, interesting workshops, and guest lectures. Furthermore, you will get a discount on public events. You also have the opportunity to join our committees. These committees are all student-lead initiatives that bring together people with similar interests, ranging from cooking to photography to music. Being a part of a committee is a great way to make new friends and help organize some of the great events Caerus has to offer. On our committees pages, you can browse the current committees and find the one that fits you best. 


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER?

To become a member you sign up here on our website under "Join us!". The cost of joining is 60 euros for all three years, and 45 or 35 euros if you join in your 2nd or 3rd year respectively. Once you become a Caerus member you stay a member until you leave UCG. For exchange students, you can pay 10 euros to join for a semester, so you can participate in everything we have to offer!

Do you have any other questions about Caerus or how to sign up? Then you are always welcome to email secretary@caerus-ucg.com and we will help you.