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The Social Committee of CAERUS is a group of party loving organisers who are dedicated to making your life a little less stressful at UCG. We organise boat parties, beer pong tournaments, trivia nights, gala’s and much more! The SOC is one of the oldest committees of CAERUS and currently consists of 8 members (4 of which are on exchange all over the world!). We regularly have committee nights and love doing stupid stuff together. In cooperation with PIXEL, we make sure the memories you make in your time in Groningen are unforgettable, if a little hazy. We’re always up for new ideas and new adventures and are committed to facilitating friendships between all years at UCG! 

Committee Members:

Chair: Eden Winkels (

Secretary:​ Asyana Eddy

Treasurer: Ruben Kunze

Felix Gerk

Cairo Geha

Simona Todorova

Jennifer Putensen

Victoria Otter

Niek van der Kuijl

Marius Merz

Jack Dignam

Roos Walstock