/SLASH/, referring to the Liberal Arts and Sciences program is the journal committee from Caerus. Some interviews, some academic essays, and submissions such as movie reviews and poems can be read in this amazing journal. Everything that is in interest of UCG and Caerus will be posted. In comparison to the yearbook, which has a yearly version, the SLASH journal will be published more than once a year, and contains a lot of different subjects, which will inform you about everything which is going on at UCG!


Committee Members:

Chair: Olle Hermsen (o.l.m.hermsen@student.rug.nl)

Secretary: Abidur Rahim

Daniel Gloerfelt-Tarp

Miona Dinic

Yoram Sennekool

Pia Salvatore 

Roos van der Reijden

Anne de Vries