Questions about committees

Frequently Asked Questions about committees

How much time does a committee take?

A committee usually takes up around 3 hours a week. This includes 1 or 2 hours for a meeting, and maybe you get some tasks during the meeting which you need to fulfil during the week. However, this time is only an estimation, depending on the date, size and complicity of the event, this time can vary. But don’t worry about not having enough time to join a committee, you are most of the times with 5 or 6 other members, so if you have a busy week, someone else can take over your task!

Do I need to be a member of Caerus?

Yes, you do need to become a member of Caerus. The committees are all regulated by our committee affairs officers from the board of Caerus. Since the committees are sponsored by the association, it would be fair to contribute to the association as well as other members can join from these benefits.

Why would I join a committee?

A committee will give you benefits in terms of skills you will learn or further develop. Think about organization, finances, communication and development of skills you might already have been learning during your previous studies. Besides that it looks great on your CV, and the skills you gain, you will also be a part of a big group of friends. You will spend time together during events and meetings, and you might host dinners and parties together!

What if I decide I want to stop, or switch committees?

If you are really drowning in all your responsibilities, there is always a possibility to stop. However, this is also the responsibility of the whole committee. Make sure to keep close contact with your committee whether they can miss you (since they have to find new members as well). Switching between committees is unusual. People apply for a committee in the beginning of the year, followed by interviews. This selection procedure will not happen very often, so switching might become more difficult.

How can I join a committee?

In the beginning of every academic year, committees promote themselves to find new members. You can then email the chair if you are interested. However, if you want to join later during the year, you can always ask them. Chances are smaller since they might have had more applications than spots available, but maybe this isn’t the case either, so worth a try!

Can I grow within a committee?

Yes, you can! Especially if you have great ambitions there are different positions to fulfil within a committee. If you want to learn first, you can be a regular member for the first year, but maybe be promoted to Chair the year after!

Can I join more than 1 committee?

Yes, you can! However, keep in mind if there a lot of applications, others would like a spot as well. You might be suitable for 3 committees at once, but please make sure that everyone has a fair chance of joining a committee.

What are the positions to be fulfilled?

- Chair: the chair is the 'head' of the committee. As a chair, you will create an agenda before every committee meeting, in which you can elaborate on all the points you want to discuss within this meeting.

- Treasurer: The treasurer is the person responsible for the budget and all the expenses, he will be in charge of every euro spend.

- Secretary: The secretary will write down every word said during meetings in the minutes, which makes it able for all the committee members, (and for me!) to read through what has been said during the meeting.

These 3 positions should be fulfilled before a committee can be set up. In addition to these 3 members there will be around 3/4 other members to help to run the committee.