We are Civitas, a social outreach committee of 10 people who organise events to raise funds and spread awareness about marginalised communities and causes all over the world.  Our team is motivated to help tackle global challenges and the communities impacted by them, and we like to use our creativity to put events in place that serve those causes while involving UCG students, such as flea markets, pop-up cafes, Secret Santa, Halloween haunted house, bake sales and many more.  

Civitas chooses a new organisation to support every year, and this year the UCG students voted for the “Jane Goodall Institute”, an organisation that promotes environmental conservation, protects chimpanzees and improves people’s lives.  We also participate in other initiatives throughout the year, such as Movember, or the language buddies that facilitate the learning of a language by pairing students together to learn and teach their language (including people from inside and outside UCG).

While participating in Civitas, we all learn how to bring our fun ideas to life in the most effective way. Any idea for an event is appreciated, and everybody has a lot of liberty in which tasks they prefer to perform.  It also offers a lot of interaction with fellow students as well as other non-profit organizations outside of the university.

We hope to see you throughout this year in support of the Jane Goodall Institute, and if you want to become involved, join us (at one of our events)!

Committee Members:

Ilona Coppens & Kyara Maeder (Chair and Human Relations Officer)

Aoi Tsuchiya (Secretary)

Leandra Ursprung (Treasurer)

Nerea Orr & Alex Zwannikken (Public Relations Officer)

Flo Dumas & Ilana Alibhai (Content Creator)

Dan Fingelton

Merel Wiesenekker


Committee Member 2023/24

So far, Civitas' has been successfully fundraising for the following organisations:

October 2017: In support of the people affected by Hurricane Irma, Civitas donated 240 Euros to the Dutch Red Cross.

December 2017: To provide children of low-income families with Christmas gifts, Civitas donated 180 Euros to the Children of the Foodbank.

June 2018: In contribution to sustainable sanitation projects worldwide, Civitas donated more than 500 Euros to our partner organisation Just a Drop.

June 2019: To help the fight against child labour in goldmines in Tanzania, Civitas raised 200 euros to donate to the charity; ‘For Iron I gave gold’.

June 2021: To support Harrie Kampinga’s Huntington’s Disease research at the UMCG Civitas raised 452 euros to donate for further research possibilities.

June 2022: Civitas supported schools in Gambia by sending goods thanks to the money raised during the year.