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Civitas aims at organising events to raise awareness for local and international communities in our world. Throughout the year there are numerous fundraising events which focus on different areas affected by political, social and natural circumstances. The collected donations from each event will go towards different kinds of NGOs and local communities. Not only will you get a better understanding of the world in this committee, but you will also have the chance to learn how event managing works and how to effectively organise charity events and fundraising projects internationally. For everybody who wants to contribute to our societies in a sustainable and beneficial way, Civitas is the right place to start with great people by your side. 

Committee Members:

Chair: Merle Jürgens (

Treasurer: Frances Payne 

Secretary: Iris Bergers

Media promotion: Sush Gupta

Naomi Arnaud

Marta Goglio

Eva Steinhorst

Odile de Leastar

Kaja Warnke


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