Collaboration possibilities

Working together with SA Caerus?

Background information

S.A. Caerus, founded in 2015, is the Study Association for all students of University College Groningen (UCG). At this faculty students study the English-taught programme Liberal Arts and Sciences. This is an innovative Bachelor’s program that focuses on interdisciplinary education and solving global challenges. Students have the opportunity to study a variety of subjects while gaining expertise in their core discipline. With more than 380 members from over 30 countries and the opportunity to study abroad, our association has a global network.

Caerus is the heart of student engagement and social activities at UCG. Caerus has 13 committees of students dedicated to organizing both social and academic events. With activities such as an introduction camp, career events, trips, sports events, and parties, our members are offered a wide-ranged program.

What can Caerus offer your company?

With our broad network and the wide variability of interests and specializations of our students, Caerus has a lot to offer your company. Caerus offers different opportunities to promote your company to UCG students, for instance online advertisement on our website Instagram. These opportunities often have a small and negotiable fee. This money directly supports Caerus and its committees, ensuring that all kinds of events are planned for UCG students. If you would like to collaborate with Caerus, do not hesitate to contact our External Affairs Officer Anouk Zonneveld via Below you can check our collaboration possibilities.

Collaboration possibilities

  • Exposure on Caerus website
  • Advertising in the Caerus news letter
  • Advertising on the Caerus' social media:
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
  • Advertising in Caerus publications
    • Yearbook
    • Welcome Guide (for first-year students)
  • Promotion at Introweek (for around 120 first-year students)
  • Collaboration at specific events
  • Merchandise (print your logo on Caerus merchandise)

If you have any further questions or other suggestions and types of partnerships, please reach out to our External Affairs Officer Anouk Zonneveld via