For companies

Working together with SA Caerus?

S.A. Caerus is the Study Association of University College Groningen and it’s students of Liberal Arts and Sciences. This is an Honours Bachelor’s programme that focuses on interdisciplinary education and solving tomorrow’s problems, by looking further than one’s own field of expertise. 

With more than 200 members from over 30 countries and the opportunity to study abroad, we have a global network, reaching from Canada to New Zealand and Argentina to Japan. 

Caerus is the heart of student engagement and social activities at UCG and we are at the center of the university community. Caerus has 11 committees of students dedicated to organizing both social and academic events. With activities such as lectures, dinners, foreign trips, a career month and parties, our members are offered a wide-ranged programme.

What could Caerus offer your company?

With our broad network and the wide variability of interests and specializations of our students, we have a lot to offer your company. Through different channels we can bring your company under the attention of a big group of intellectual students. Partnerships with companies can be for a specific event, such as a trip or the career event, or a general sponsorship. Caerus can print company logos on event shirts, hand out logo stickers, promote internship opportunities and merchandise to students or on the website. 

More information and sponsoring options are available upon request. Other suggestions and types of partnerships with companies are also welcome and can be arranged by contacting the External Affairs Officer.