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Thursday Thought no. 2

  • Relevant Ramblings

Last time I raved about the intrinsic meaninglessness of words and the consequent need to take action. Today I want to talk about choices. ...

Loneliness is no stranger to the friend

  • Letters to the Editor

To my dearest friend,   A story of my experience, inspired by The stranger in my classroom.   Let’s set the scene: I was at a party a number...

The Ultimate Bestest Guide to Course Enrollment

  • A Helping Hand

Disclaimer: this is the information we found to our best knowledge. If you see anything which isn’t correct, let us know! We are not liable...

The stranger in your classroom

  • Slice of Life

By an anonymous student

What’s up with all those tractors?

  • Newsslash

If you’ve been in the city this week, you’ve probably seen them: rows of tractors blocking the streets and riding through the city...