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Caerus is the young and thriving study association of University College Groningen. Members can benefit from social activities, meet diverse groups of people, become socially engaged within the city or get discounts on amazing events and school supplies. You can join one of our many committees or even create your own. Open the doors to your unique student experience!

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Upcoming Events

(Virtual) Language Buddies
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Online or in real life
Photo contest - 2020 in a picture
  • Social
  • Online
Civitas Beer Cap Competition
  • Social
Future Visions with Alex Berhitu
  • Educational
  • Blackboard Collaborate


DEAR 2020

  • Relevant Ramblings

Alice Dear 2020, What a year you’ve been! It seems yesterday was your first day in our lives, but a lot happened, a lot changed. You have...

My (non-)Christmas

  • Relevant Ramblings

Christmas is around the corner, providing us with the much-needed break from uni. Hallelujah, or in my case, Alhamdulilah (I’m Muslim)....

Alcohol and Fraud

  • Relevant Ramblings

It’s nice to go out drinking with friends who have your back, especially for when you end up vomiting or curled up in a ball crying after...

Thursday thought

  • Relevant Ramblings

Do you have a bed and a blanket? Food in your fridge? Can you sleep in most days? CAn you eat however much you want and what you want? Can...

The "Groen"plan""

  • Relevant Ramblings

This is an article by the Green Office, written by Daniel MacRae and Hubert Matuszewski Having a positive effect on the city; through...