Caerus is the young and burgeoning study association of University College Groningen.  Members can benefit from social activities, meet diverse groups of people, become socially engaged within the city or get discounts on amazing events and school supplies. You can join one of our many committees or even create your own. Open the doors to your unique student experience!

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Why we need to argue more

  • Relevant Ramblings

Take a moment and think about the last time you changed your mind about something? Was it an epiphany or because of something you heard? Of...

5/20: 5 different perspectives on balance

  • Relevant Ramblings

We gave 5 of our finest writers exactly 2 hours and 0 minutes to write anything they wanted. They decided to write on balance. This is how it...

Caerus Elections: The Candidates

  • Newsslash

The time has come- over the next two days, elections for positions across our Caerus board will be in full swing. In total, we have a...

Free alcohol in UCG

  • A Helping Hand

A) To figure out how to get free alcohol read to the end of the article B) For those who didn't get the memo: attend your classes, it's still...

A traditional King’s Day

  • Slice of Life

As we all know, this Saturday, 27th of April, is King’s Day (or Koningsdag, if you want to say it the Dutch way). On this day, people of The...