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Caerus is the young and thriving Study Association of Liberal Arts and Sciences at University College Groningen. Caerus organises social, cultural and educational events for all UCG students!

Therefore, Caerus forms the heart of the UCG community and brings together students from all years.
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/askslash/ 3rd edition

  • Ask /SLASH/

Dear UCG-community: once again you asked, we answered. This time Alice, GT and Johannes answer your questions about eating during corona,...

/askslash/ 2nd edition

  • Ask /SLASH/

Dear UCG-community: once again you asked, we answered. This time GT and Johannes answer your questions about dating, friendship and how to...

/askslash/ 1st edition

  • Ask /SLASH/

Dear UCG community: you asked, we answered. This week Gt and Mia cover your questions about future decisions, sex, darkness, and Christmas...

Dating advice, Dutchies & the selfishness-dilemma

  • Ask /SLASH/

Ask /SLASH/. ‘Cause bright people have problems too

I didn’t get invited to a party. What to do?

  • Ask /SLASH/

Ask /SLASH/. ‘Cause bright people have problems too   Dear slash: This Saturday there is a house party happening, most of my friend group and...

Get off your phone you lazy piece of sh*t

  • A Helping Hand

The other day someone recommended a Netflix Documentary to me, called the Social Dilemma, and as a lazy third year that loves...

How to Find a House in Groningen(repost)

  • A Helping Hand

Hello there!  Do you feel a bit lost when it comes to finding housing after Frascati?  Maybe your friends have already found a place, and you...

Thursday thought

  • A Helping Hand

I know, it is late but bear with me, I had another thought that I need to get off my heart.  You know how happy you are when friends pop by...


  • A Helping Hand

There are things that are hard, impossible even, to learn. Something like inspiration for example. How easy would it be if I could just look...

Your Corona Study Guide

  • A Helping Hand

  We’re in the middle of a global crisis, all our favourite places are closed, the only thing left to do is to attend classes and study and...

What have daily tasks become?

  • On our minds

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I want to bring up and discuss the fact that we have created jobs out of everyday tasks.     I was...

Narratives of dying, being dead, endings: The Endlessness and the Space Between

  • On our minds

“Life is a holiday, a moment stolen from the black, before the demons drag you back” - Frank Turner As a child, you may have heard some...

Dear 2021

  • On our minds

Dear 2021, What a year you have been! I remember myself from last year, writing to your dear old friend 2020 with hopes that you'd be good to...


  • On our minds

If the world was a dream? If everything around you was the mere remains of a beautiful dream? That was the young girl’s conception of life....

Living the uncertainty

  • On our minds

I don’t remember ever being that scared in my life. Scared of what was going to happen, scared of not being able to understand what was...