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Caerus is the young and thriving study association of University College Groningen. Members can benefit from social activities, meet diverse groups of people, become socially engaged within the city or get discounts on amazing events and school supplies. You can join one of our many committees or even create your own. Open the doors to your unique student experience!

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Apply now to be the next board of Caerus!


[Insert Happy Holiday Article]

  • Slice of Life

We were in my room, trying to raise our spirits and find the will to write an article about the holidays to give you a break from the slow...

Thursday Thought no.4

  • Relevant Ramblings

Thursday Thought no.4   You might have noticed the lack of a Thursday Thought last week. I fell victim to a problem as old as time: I could...

l o s t i n l i m b o

  • Slice of Life

By an anonymous student

Bushfires in Australia: Some info and ranting

  • Relevant Ramblings

From our Australian correspondent Daniel GT   Australia is no stranger to bushfires, it’s literally a season down there much the same way...

It’s just life, I guess?

  • Relevant Ramblings

By an anonymous student   Hi there, let me first introduce myself. I’m me, a UCG student, just another guy in the faculty. I won’t plug my...