Orbis is the guest lecture and academic committee of Caerus. Our main focus is to bring world class speakers from various fields to UCG to deepen our knowledge in the world around us. We aim to provide a platform to discuss current affairs and career building with leading experts in academia and business. The topics will be highly cross-disciplinary and will include both issues of personal development such as career building as well as current affairs and scientific advances. Moreover, the guest lectures offer a great tool to increase the visibility of UCG and Caerus.

Our first series of events will be the “Career Month” in March. We are proud to announce the visit of two world class speakers - for more information check out our facebook event ;)



Chair: Merle Jurgens

Secretary: Torge Hilken

Treasurer: Timon Hilken

PR: Matteo Ferrario

Logistics: Sush Gupta