The Efteling Trip

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Apr 15, 2024
Kaatsheuvel in Brabant

The Efteling Trip

Join us on a magical trip to the wonderful world of The Efteling! A grand theme park in the south of the Netherlands that offers a perfect mix of fairytale magic and adrenaline boosting rides. It has something special for everyone. 
Before you sign up, please keep in mind that the event takes place on a weekday and therefore you might need to skip a class or two. Be aware it is not an excused absence so sign up at your own peril. 
We will organise a transport sheet for everyone that needs group tickets. There is a chance that the Aeolus members will only join the rest of the group once they reach Utrecht, but everyone will be present for the way back.

There will be a few extra sleeping spots at Fionn’s place close to Utrecht for people that are attending the UCSRN tournament. If you want to stay the night and go to the efteling from there, then please get in contact with an aeolus member and we will see what we can do for you.


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