10th Caerus Board Application

🌟 Be a Part of the CAERUS 10th Board: Apply Now! 🌟

Exciting News! CAERUS is thrilled to announce openings for its 10th Board, and we want YOU to be part of this incredible journey! If you're ready for a year that's not only filled with unforgettable memories but also promises substantial professional growth, seize this opportunity to make a lasting impact on CAERUS and its community.

Why Should You Join? Joining the CAERUS Board offers personal and professional development. It's an opportunity to contribute to the future of CAERUS while gaining valuable skills and memories.

What Are We Looking For? If you have fresh ideas for CAERUS, good teamwork and communication skills, and the commitment to participate actively on the board for 1 year, then you're exactly the kind of candidate we're searching for!

Share Your Vision! What are your visions for CAERUS? What position do you see yourself in? Why are you a good candidate for this position? How would you contribute to the Association as part of the board? Let us know your aspirations and qualifications in your CV and motivation letter (format can also be creative:)).

📅 Applications open from 12.02. until the 28.02.

Do you feel ready for the challenge?

Apply now and shape the future of Caerus!!

Just submit your CV, motivation letter (letter, video, website...), and positive BSA (to show, you're not on academic probation)

PS. Make sure to check @sacaerus for more information on each position and DAY in the lives of all current board members :))

Board Application 2023/2024
Please upload your motivation letter (max 500 words)
Please upload a copy of preliminary BSA or transcript of grade here, so we can ensure you are not on academic probation.