Introweek Class '27

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Intro Committee
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23 Aug 2024 12:00 - 13 Oct 2024 15:00
Groningen and Drenthe

Introweek Class '27

The intro week for class '27 will include the Introweekend from 23-25 of August and an Introcamp from 11-13 of October. During the Introweekend you will enjoy different activities such as Crazy 88 in the city of Groningen, a party at Vaatje (UCG's local pub), and much more. It's a great way to meet your peers and some of the second years who will be your so called 'parents' during this weekend. When everyone has gotten to know each other a bit better we will have a camp in October in the area of Drenthe (to be clear, we will not actually be camping, we will stay in an accommodation that has multiple group rooms). We will be staying in a group accommodation in the middle of nature where there is the option to stay in the local building where we will host the parties and other events. However, there's also the option to stay in the smaller building next to it if you prefer sleeping longer nights and have some peace and quiet. There's something for everyone. We're excited to see you there! XX Introweek Committee


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