UCSRN Tournament 2023

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22 Apr 2023 10:00 - 23 Apr 2023 23:55

UCSRN Tournament 2023

Ciao Everyone!

The Tournament will be hosted by AUC this year!!!

The twinkle of excitement. AUC won the tournament last year and will defend it at their home. Last year, UCU did such a great job, meaning that this year, the tournament is really living under the students already. At an even greater level, we can see that with the start of our UCSRN Team last year, the inter-UC spirit has been growing and growing. We are all so excited to bring you there and show you what we can do! We would lovingly and daringly invite you to come to Charizard’s Den to try to snatch back the trophy! 

TRAVEL SHEET: excel sheet for groups



  • Ticket price for participants:  9,71€ (lunch is included, 2 sandwiches + 1 drink)

  • Ticket price for visitors (non-participants/ support/ fans) also have to sign-up, but are free of charge.

  • Given that we have our own selection procedure, we will sign up as a whole UC. We will send in a form filled in with names and information of the students participating in each category. Tickets will be sold through eventbrite, and will need to be shown at check-in. Eventbrite is a high-standard ticketing platform with whom the AUCSA has a contract. 

  • We will travel there by train and with group tickets the transport will be affordable.

  • We have the opportunity to get hosted for the night (free of charge) by AUC students. They set up a system where AUC students can volunteer to host a different UC student for the night, where they give priority to the farthest UC’s. This system allows students from far-away UC’s (like us) to stay longer and enjoy the afterparty, instead of maybe not even coming at all! 

  • There is an afterparty, tickets are 3,61€ and its first come first serve.

  • Merch will be sold at the event.



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