Picnic and Paint

About this event

Date and time
6 Jun 2023 14:30 - 9 Jun 2023 14:30
UCG (as pick up point), Noorderplatsoen (for shared picnic)

Picnic and Paint

Ever went to a picnic and thought that it would be a perfect time to paint? Then get Civitas' Picnic & Paint package!

You get a sandwich (vegetarian), a desert and a little painting project. You don't need anything else than sit down wherever you want and enjoy the basket with loved ones. Alone and want to be with others? We will shortly announce an organised time during week 8 where whoever can come and meet others. (You can also bring your basket to GROW's picnic).

We will hand out the baskets on Thursday and Friday between 11 and 14 in the canteen.

We will be happy to see you!


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