UCGO Unit Olympics

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Date and time
Jun 4, 2023 12:00 - 18:00
V.V. Mamio, Eikenlaan 292, 9741 EW

UCGO Unit Olympics

Dear Olympians,
It's time to assemble for the first-ever Unit Olympics!
Compete with your old Frascati Unit against the rest of UCG to crown yourselves the gold medal winners across various sportive games and challenges.
With at least 5 members of your old unit, you are able to build a team to go for glory. Can't go with your unit? No problem, there is an option for single sign-up and addition to an existing team so that everyone can participate.
The price includes a free Sandwich for lunch, Water will also be provided and other snacks and drinks can be bought at the location.


Make sure to come well-fed and dressed appropriately for sports activities.
May the best unit win!


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